Finding the highest paying adsense keywords

If you know how adsense works, you may have noticed that to make money with adsense you need not only to target a large number of users. Another important side of the equation is to have customers that will click on ads that pay more.

The concept of keyword cost is defined by the Google Adwords program. Each advertiser creates ads linked to the words that they think are more related to their businees. They will give the price they consider to be the most adequate. In this process, the words that drive most consumers will become more expensive. Thus, different words have different costs per click.

If you are an adwords customer (which you should be), you will see the costs of some words that you are trying to target. However, in general is not so straightforward to know what is the price payed by a word.

Now there is a web site that gives you an easy way to find the words that are paying more. The site is called iota web. It was created to make easily accessible the information about keyword prices. They provide the costs of thousands of keywords both on the Adsense program as well as in Yahoo Overture.

If you want to search the cost of any keyword, just type it in the search box in the lower part of the right column, and it will direct you to the web site. This is a great research tool that is available for free. Use it to direct your efforts to words that pay the best.

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