Adsense Revenue Growth Example

Adsense is well know to be a great income generating program for web masters and bloggers in general. However, it is sometimes difficult to quantify how much growth and revenue can be expected from an adsense website.

A good answer to this question has been given by Steve Pavlina is his web site. He has charted the curve of income growth by month, as well as number of viewers per month.

Very interestingly, we can see that in his case the growth in adsense revenue hapenned almost exponentially. According to his graphic, there is almost a doubling of adsense income every month. This is a very good result.

Although this is a mature web site, with a lot of content, his experience shows that is possible to get great results from websites using Adsense. Of course, to achieve this level it is necessary great commitment and perseverance. But it looks like it is worth the work.

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