Improving you adsense pages to get increased traffic

If you already have a collection of articles that you want to monetize with AdSense, you most probably need some way to improve the number of page views.

There are several ways of getting more traffic, and the most common method is to spend more time with creating articles. But have your stopped to think that the technique to get more traffic is not only related to quantity but quality?

If you want to create a new web page for a product, you probably want it to be well maintained, with lots of useful information, and easy to use. However, in the rush to create more and more content, you probably forget this easy-to-follow rule.

What most people look for when searching the web is a page that can answer their questions. It makes no sense to create a page if you are not improving it frequently, in order to give a sense of freshness and care. If you have stale information in your pages, they will not be very appealing to your users. In the end, you will probably have a lot of visitors that will be unsatisfied with your content.

The best way to make money is to give your clients what they want (and more). A web page that gives the information that people really want is the best step to improve your AdSense revenue.

How to create a writting schedule

Writing article for the web using adsense is a rewarding process. By writing adsense articles you can not only achieve your financial goals, but you can also help lots of people that need to find information about the subjects you enjoy most.

However, one of the hurdles of writing is creating a schedule for your activities. Like any other job, writing needs to be planned in advance. If you don't create a schedule for your writing tasks, it is very easy to become accomodated, and failing in achieve your goals.

One of the first approaches you can use to better organize your writting task is to define a fixed time for it. It is much easier to do something out of habit. For example, I am sure that you don't forget to brush your teeth. The reason is that you know exactly when you need to do that: right after wake up and before going to bed. It becomes so automatic that you don't need even think about it. And that is the goal: make you work so automatic, that you don't need to think, or worry, about it, and you whole mind is free to concentrate on the creative aspects.

So, if you really want to be successful at writing web articles, you first need to determine: what is the best time for this activity? Different people will give different answers, because it depends highly on what time of the day you are more active.

Some people, for example, think that early in the morning is the best time to write. They feel their minds fresh and full of creative ideas. For me it is the opposite: the best time for me is late in the day, when I have easier concentration and focus.

Everyone is different, but one thing that everyone needs to do is to have an easy schedule. If you have one, it will be much easier to write your adsense articles without bad feelings or procrastination.

Adsense Tips: Making the best of your exposure

As a new AdSense publisher, it is easy to make several mistakes that can cost a lot of work. One of the most frequent is not using in the best way possible the exposure you get when users land do your page.

Remember that, each time a user lands your page you are getting the opportunity to conquer a new potential customer. Think of it like this: if you had to pay to get customers you would have to spend a lot of money to get a large number of customer to visit you.

The more time users spend on your page, the less money you have to spend in order to attract new visitors. In this way, the same visitor can come back again and again.

Content, the secret to keep visitors coming back

As a web publisher, you product is content. This means that, if you want users to visit your page over and over again, you need to prepare new content. Users don't want to go back to a page where nothing happens. It must be a vibrant site, where content is added and it looks like that new information will be available soon.

If you add more content, users will come, the adage says. If you write good pages that have lots of new information, more AdSense money will flow to your pocket.

Buying Adsense Websites on ebay

Author: Tom Dean

You can get a good deal from purchasing an adsense website on ebay but...
* You should use some caution *
I have seeen the same exact design sold on ebay everyday of the week. You may get 30 or so of these sites (different topics) for about $99. The 30 sites total 6,000 pages.

Similar sites are also sold daily (in multiple quantities) on ebay like "Huge Adsense Empire - 100+ sites 16,500 Pages" Imagine 150 of these sold and posted w/out change. 2,475,000 duplicate pages on the web.

Just look at the site for sell then check the sellers feedback from "buyers" - most are private listings. You will see that they may sell 1 to 3 per day!

Many new buyers purchase these and are unfamiliar with editing or adding content to a php site and get frustrated.

Now, there are some excellent sellers - sites and good deals to be found on ebay but you need to take a good look at the site and the number sold.

Also be sure the articles include the author's resource box with a live link. Many sites chop off the end of some of the articles or do not display the authors "clickable" link (a no no).

Check the "page title" at the top of your browser. A page titled "New Page" or "Untitled" is not a good sign.

Look at the source code by right clicking your mouse and choosing view source to see if there are any meta tags or keywords in the page header.

Don't confuse most of the "ebay mill" sites with sites you may see for sell that have limited numbers like 25 - are made with private or original articles & have support forums or excellent instructions.

These are Great for new users who need help and they provide a way to learn about the site.

The ebay mill sites typically are not in the same league.

Some of the better sites that are sold on ebay are in limited numbers and include an admin panel where you can easily add your own links - and your own content before and after each article page - giving you some uniqueness. Look for these even if they cost a little bit more

Not all ebay sites are an unwise purchase - I was a power seller a few years ago & sold websites - you can find a good deal and a good site.

Just do your research. With adsense the number two search term on ebay pulse under websites for sale, sellers have really jumped on the popularity of these sites.

A Custom Google Search on your own Site is a Powerful Tool

by: John V. W. Howe

As your website grows you need a tool to make it easier for your readers to search for information on the site. A great solution for installing a search function on your site is available through Google. Google offers the ability to download a Google search box to your website to search the contents of the site.

The results will be presented in the same format as the Google search engine results page. Google offers two options for the search function. If you go to Google Free at you can register to get the HTML code that will put the Google search on your site. This requires that you fill in information that is requested and the site will be customized for you. You can then preview the results, and if it is what you want, you copy the HTML code that Google gives to you and paste it into your web page where you want the search box to appear.

It is fairly easy to do. If you have a logo, you can insert it in the input information and the logo will appear on the search engine results pages. Click the following link to see the Boomer eZine example Once the search page loads, enter SBI in the search box and search. The results will be all of the times SBI appears on the Boomer eZine site. Notice the Boomer logo on the customized search engine results page. The look of this results page is attractive, but you have no control over the Adwords adds that are placed on the right side of the page with the results of the search. Ads for your competitor will appear on the results page and this may be unacceptable to you.

The other option is to use Google Adsense for Search. This allows you to create a customized Google search for your website. This option has filters that you can set to exclude certain websites from being included in the Adsense ads on your site. The other benefit is if someone clicks on an Adsense ad, and purchases an item, you get a fee for the transaction. If you want to sign up for Google Adsense, go to Click the "Click here to apply button" When you log on the Google Adsense site, you can choose to use Google Web search or Google Web search + Site Search. Select the Google Web search + Site Search.

On the page where you specify the options for the search function, enter the URL for your site and the other required information. You will be given the chance to review what it will look like and you can change parameters until you are satisfied. At the bottom of the page, there are three options for how the search results are displayed.

  • Open results on Google in the same window
  • Open results on Google in a new window
  • Open results within your own site

The last option is probably the best for you. This will place the search results on a page in your site with your own header and footer. It holds the reader on your site. Option one keeps them on your site, but they do not get that impression since all they see is a Google page.

Option two opens a new window and sends them to Google. You might lose them at that point. Option three requires that you specify a web page for the search results, but that is easy if you specify the same page the search box is on. If you put the search input box and the search results below the search box, your page will function like Google. On the next Adsense page you specify the color scheme for your ads, the country for the search, if you want to use Safe Search (keeps porn from coming up on the web search), and if you want to use a tracking channel.

I recommend that you use channels for each different use of Adsense so you can see where your revenue is coming from. On the next Adsense page, you will get two sets of HTML code. One set goes on the page at the location where you want the search box. The other code goes on the location on the page where the search results will be placed. Copy the HTML from the Google site and paste it into the proper location on your web page. View your page and see how it looks.

The search box may be left justified and you may want it in the center of the page. If so, use the HTML center tags to center the search box and the frame on the page. ( Center tags are and the closing center tag is . After you have pasted the code into your page, insert the center tags just before and just after the beginning and ending Google comments. The code for the search results location begins and ends with and ends with . Put the center tags before and after these comments. Upload your page to your site and put it to work for you.

To see an example of the final results for a Google Adsense for search installation, go to the Boomer eZine website (see link below) and click Site Search on the navigation bar on the left. This will take you to the search page. Enter SBI as the search term and click the search button. The results will be displayed under the search box along with the Adsense ads at the top and bottom of the search results. This is a handy tool to install on your site. It enhances your website. It does not cost anything and you can make money with it if someone clicks on an Adsense ad on the search results page. A real win, win deal! Good luck in the future

About The Author

John V. W. Howe is an entrepreneur, author, inventor, patent holder, husband, father, and grandfather. He has been involved in entrepreneurial activities for over 40 years. He has founded, and to help Boomers (baby boomers) become entrepreneurs when they retire.

What You Need To Build An Effective Adsense Site

by: Christopher Shireman One of the greatest lies about making money online is this: Build a site, put up some Adsense ads on it and you will be raking in the dough. If only that were true, but unfortunately it isn't that easy. The trick to putting up an Adsense site that actually makes money is this: You need to have a site that displays ads with the most profitable keywords available and get traffic to your site the cheapest way possible. So how do you know what are the most profitable keywords? You can use the Google AdWords Traffic estimator. The basic functionality is available for anyone to use, even without an AdWords account. Just enter your keywords in the text box at the top. You can leave all the other fields blank for now. Push the Continue button at the bottom of the page and you will see how much each of your keywords costs to get the #1-3 spot in Google AdWords. How does this help you to find profitable Adsense keywords? First of all, you are splitting the price of the keyword with Google every time someone clicks on your ad. The actual percentage is not know, but most experts agree that it is about 50%. If a keyword costs $20 for the number 1 spot and someone clicks an ad on your page that uses that keyword, then you will get somewhere around $10! You should know that high priced keywords do not mean high levels of traffic. The traffic estimator will also tell you the number of clicks per day that each keyword is getting in the number one spot. What you need are keywords that are a balance between the most money and the most clicks per day. Another thing you need to know before building an Adsense site is which keywords to use to bring in the most traffic. You don't want to go up against ten million other sites that are all talking about the same thing that you are. What you need is a niche topic, something that people are hungry for information about. Here is a step by step process for finding a niche topic. 1. Download a free keyword tool from 2. When you get it, enter the most general keyword about your topic that you can find. It will give you a list of related keywords from the Overture search engine along with the number of times each one of those keywords was searched for in the last month. 3. For every keyword that the Good Keywords gives you, enter the following search into Google: allintitle:yourkeyword. Look at the number of results that Google displays for each keyword. 4. Divide the number of results by the number of searches and you will come up with what is commonly referred to as the R/S ratio. In economics, this is called Supply/Demand. 5. Look for keywords that have a high number of search, but a low R/S ratio. I wouldn't choose any keyword unless there were at least 1000 searches per month and an R/S ratio of 2.0 or less. 6. Take the most profitable keywords in this group and build your Adsense pages around them. Alright, so you have the most profitable keywords that are in high demand. You now need to have some content related to each keyword in order to get Goggle to put the right kind of ads on your page. You can either write this content yourself, or you can go to one of the many free article websites on the net and grab some free articles related to your keyword. Just make sure to give the author credit for the article, it's not nice to steal. Once you have your article, start putting your Adsense ads in the middle of the article, about once every few paragraphs or so. I have found that this is the most effective way to get people to click on your ads. You are allowed up the three sets of Adsense ads per page, so place them wisely. That is really all there is to making a profitable Adsense site. Just find the best keywords, get some articles about them, add your Adsense to them, drive traffic to these pages, and start making money. About The Author Christopher Shireman started researching internet marketing and online business opportunities in 2004. He was finally free from his job in early 2006 and now makes his living from his website profits. For more information on how to make your website profitable, go to

How To Immediately Increase Your Adsense Clicks

by: Paul Hooper-Kelly

Would you like to make one tiny addition to your pages and dramatically increase your AdSense clicks -- perhaps as much as threefold?

It's laughingly simple, yet the effect can be immediate.

All you need is to get some colorful digital photographs, either from your own stock or from a royalty-free web site. Then using a graphics program, such, as Real Draw PRO or Photoshop, create a strip of four rectangular photographs with a space in between each. The overall size of the strip should be 728 pixels wide by about 108 pixels deep.

The content of the pictures should be relevant to the content of your web site. In order not to violate Google's Terms Of Service, you should avoid pictures that are animated, advertisements or induce the visitor to click on the AdSense ads. If you are in any doubt, take a look at the ads on my web site or check with Google's Terms Of Service.

The background color should exactly match the color of your AdSense pages. It helps if you can place a narrow blue border around the individual photo (but not around the entire strip). This arrangement is ideal for a page containing an article and the best position within the page for the picture strip is at the top of the page, immediately below the page headline, but above the start of the body text.

Once you have done this, go to your Google AdSense advert codes and select the one for leaderboard, which is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels deep. If the 728 pixel width sounds vaguely familiar, it's the exact size of the width of your picture strip. Make sure you delete Google's border code before pasting your leaderboard code under the picture strip, save the page and load it to your server and start enjoying up to three times the clicks on that style of ad.

If you already have the maximum number of three AdSense blocks on the pages, where you insert this picture strip/leaderboard combo, do be sure to delete one of the existing ad groups, so you don't violate Google's Terms Of Service, which only allow three ad blocks per page.

About The Author

Copyright 2006 Paul Hooper-Kelly and

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