Finding the highest paying adsense keywords

If you know how adsense works, you may have noticed that to make money with adsense you need not only to target a large number of users. Another important side of the equation is to have customers that will click on ads that pay more.

The concept of keyword cost is defined by the Google Adwords program. Each advertiser creates ads linked to the words that they think are more related to their businees. They will give the price they consider to be the most adequate. In this process, the words that drive most consumers will become more expensive. Thus, different words have different costs per click.

If you are an adwords customer (which you should be), you will see the costs of some words that you are trying to target. However, in general is not so straightforward to know what is the price payed by a word.

Now there is a web site that gives you an easy way to find the words that are paying more. The site is called iota web. It was created to make easily accessible the information about keyword prices. They provide the costs of thousands of keywords both on the Adsense program as well as in Yahoo Overture.

If you want to search the cost of any keyword, just type it in the search box in the lower part of the right column, and it will direct you to the web site. This is a great research tool that is available for free. Use it to direct your efforts to words that pay the best.

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Adsense tip of the day: length of posts

When creating Adsense websites, one of the questions that many web mastera have is how long should be the content of each page or post.

There are of course two extreme answers to the question .The first answer is to try to create posts that are long and full of information. This is an alternative that people with very good intentions try to follow. After all, adsense websites have the main objective of conveying information to viewers looking for specific products or services.

Notice, however, that creating pages that are too long you incur in the risk of boring your visitor. You don't want a newcomer visitor to leave prematurely because he or she finds the content too dull.

The other extreme of this problem is creating posts that have almost no content, and are too simplistic. You may think that this is the best way to maximize your results with adsense advertisement. However, this may be a big mistake. Visitors will, instead, think that your web site is nothing more than a trap to attract visitors.

To avoid these two extremes, be careful in the selection of the amount of information you convey in each of your adsense web pages. If you create units of information that are not too long neither too small, you have a better chance of attract people that are genuinely interested in your topic. You can always give more information to your visitor later, or in another web page of your site or blog.

In any way, adsense works best when your have a good proportion between the content you are present and the ads that are displayed in your page. If you try to balance well this proportion, you can achieve very good results in your adsense websites.

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Adsense tip of the day: avoid clutter

Adsense web sites are created with the objective of informing and attracting customers that are interested in some specific kind of product. In order to do this, your Adsense website cannot look like a disorganized set of words and links.

One of the secrets of keeping the attention of customers is to focus on the kind of content they are looking for. For example, if you are creating a web site with information for parents, you cannot spend time with jokes, daily news, and other unrelated items. Parents visiting your site you just feel overwhelmed and will search the information on another place.

There are good ways of avoids this feeling of disorganization and lack of focus. I will give a list of things that may very well improve your Adsense site by avoiding clutter, and making it more attractive for users.

  1. First, keep your design simple. It is very tempting to use the latest html design and graphics, flash web pages, and other fancy design elements. Although this may work for specific publics, it is in general a bad direction if you want to use Adsense links in your page. You should strive to have a nice design that is clean and easy to see.
  2. Give prominence to the ads: Another decision that can simplify your site is to give a prominent space for your Adsense ads. Users will easily see the information and recognize if it is important or no for them. Remember, the advantage of Adsense is that ads are sensitive to the context, so you don't need to worry with the fact that users will feel the ads strange. Google guarantees that the ads make sense in your web page. So, the best thing is to give them the required space.
  3. Organize your content logically: its doesn't help your web page if the design is clean but the ideas are not. You should strive to be informative, and this means to write articles with good content and good logical organization. Web visitors are smart enough to stick with the web pages that are more informative -- you must attract these viewers with good content.
  4. Don't overdo: If you follow the steps above, remove the following extra step: don't overdo any of the tasks performed during your creative process. A good Adsense web page looks natural, and viewers like the idea of seeing a blog or web page that evolves. You must keep a balance between the fluidity of the online media and the necessary organization of ideas.

Using Adsense is a great way to force ourselves to keep a web page focused and lively. If you follow these ideas, as I try to do continuously, I believe that your experience, as well as the experience of your visitors will be must more enjoyable.

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Making $1M with Adsense

Another example of what kind of income can be made using Adsense is given by the people of Blogsinc. This is a company that operates several blogs, and has been using Google adsense since last year.

The founder of Blogsinc, Jason Calacanis, reported how they are making $1M a year in Google Adsense. In fact, this was last July, when they were making around $2,700 per day, which is roughly the same as $1 million per year.

Of course, Blogsinc is a huge blog company, but this doesn't mean that other people cannot do the same. However, as in this case, you need to create content that is important for your audience, and allow the users to show their support for your web site. If you do this, there are great opportunities out there for adsense affiliates.

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Adsense Revenue Growth Example

Adsense is well know to be a great income generating program for web masters and bloggers in general. However, it is sometimes difficult to quantify how much growth and revenue can be expected from an adsense website.

A good answer to this question has been given by Steve Pavlina is his web site. He has charted the curve of income growth by month, as well as number of viewers per month.

Very interestingly, we can see that in his case the growth in adsense revenue hapenned almost exponentially. According to his graphic, there is almost a doubling of adsense income every month. This is a very good result.

Although this is a mature web site, with a lot of content, his experience shows that is possible to get great results from websites using Adsense. Of course, to achieve this level it is necessary great commitment and perseverance. But it looks like it is worth the work.

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Adsense tip of the day: Ad colors

The adsense program provides great flexibility in the way users interact with the page ads. Although Google provides you with a standard color template, it doesn't mean that you have to stick to it by any means.

First, notice that having ads with a color that doesn't match you page style is bad for your click through rate. You should in general have ads matching the colors of your page as much as possible. This is necessary to give the idea of fluidity, so the visitor doesn't feel compeled to visually skip your ad.

There are several ways to change colors in your ads. The main tool to do this is in the Google adsense page itself. If you click on "color palletes", you will be sent to another page where you can change every aspect of the colors in your adsense ad.

The types of colors you can change are:
- border colors: usually it is green, you should change to the color of your background
- link color: the color the main links will appear. Should also match the scheme in your page
- background color: another color that should me made equal to your background, to break any separation between your page and the targeted ads.
- text color: this is the text of the ad. Again, should be similar to the color of text in your page.

Using ad color schemes carefully, you can create very appealing ad units. This is make users more attentive to the Adsense results and consequently improve your results.

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Adsense ad positioning

One of the secrets of Adsense profitability, is knowing how to position the ads in the best possible way. The position where ads are added can be the difference between a successful website and one that doesn't perform well.

The easiest way to position Adsense ads is to put them along the top, bottom, and sides of the page. This is also the most natural option suggested by the format of Adsense ads.

Although simple to work with, this positioning may not be the most effective for your web site. For pages where you have to concentrate on the content, is much better to locate ads inside the text, instead of put them in the borders.

The main goal of doing this is allowing users to have a chance of actually seeing the Ads. If you put the Adsense blocks closer to where the text is located, your click though rate may increase as a result.

Another common trick is to locate the Adsense code at locations such as the beginning of the article, and at its end. This is another way of helping users to actually see what is in the Adsense unit.

The reality is that each page has a different dynamics. This asks for different approaches in ad location. By experimenting with different positions, you will be able to get the best results of you Adsense pages.

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Tracking Google Adsense Clicks

Google Adsense has a nice interface that shows the daily and monthly profit per user. If you are smart enough to use channels, more information is available about what parts of your website were more profitable.

However, if you want to have fine control over what happens in your Adsense website, the easiest method is to use some javascript code to track your adsense clicks. This is the technique used by several commercial tools, which provides advanced reports about where the click is coming from, this tutorial from Icemelon. It explains step by step what are the necessary Javascript functions and where they must be located.

The tutorial also explains very clearly that there is apparently nothing illegal is this procedure, since the Google Adsense policies have no rule to prevent this method.

Using Javascript to track Adsense clicks you can achieve much better control of what are the best placements for your Adsense adds, which will definitely contribute to increased profits in your website.

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How not to become a pro blogger

A word of caution comes from performancing about the current trend of blogging professionals.

In some cases, people start blogs not because they are interested in the activity, but only because they want to make (supposedly easy) money. As they put it:

it may have something to do with inflated profit expectations. To use a Slashdot joke, here is the business plan I think some of these people have:
- Start a blog network with sites in a ton of niches, most of which are not very profitable
- Realize that making money on a celebrities blog is like squeezing water out of a rock
- Get into catfights with other blog networks because you're frustrated
- ?????
- Profit!

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Adsense and page design: focusing on corners

One of the important elements for success with adsense if the use of good web designs. The desing of a page that has high click through rate must be fluid, with enough space for the information that will be provided, as well as the adsense code.

To achieve these goals, several resources can be used. The best method available for web design is the use of CSS and related html technologies.

A nice example of how web design can be simplified is the use of javascript functions. This web site provides information about how to transform a design based on squares in several rectangles with corners. The design uses only a simple function to define the properties of all rectangles.

Using tricks like this, your adsense websites will be much more attractive and will get more attention from the public. This is the secrete to have success and high rentability with a websense website.

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Adsense: finding the better paying keywords

One of the things you need to do to get good results as an adsense advertiser is to know you public. Knowning you public, in the adsense lingo, is similar to knowing the words that must be targeted by your web page.

Out of the thousands of words in the adwords program, what are the ones that you should target? Of course, this decision depends on what you like, what you known, and what the web searchers want to find.

For example, it doesn't help if you like needles, but there is nobody interested in this topic. On the other hand there are topics that interest everybody, like cars, home, insurance, for example.

If you want to find the top words more researched in the web portals, there is some help available. One example is the site They provide a list of top paying 100 keywords, that can be very helpful if you want to create your pages for the adsense program. Bellow I give just the first part of the list, with the word and it maximum bid (that is, the maximum you can be paid for that word):

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