Adsense: finding the better paying keywords

One of the things you need to do to get good results as an adsense advertiser is to know you public. Knowning you public, in the adsense lingo, is similar to knowing the words that must be targeted by your web page.

Out of the thousands of words in the adwords program, what are the ones that you should target? Of course, this decision depends on what you like, what you known, and what the web searchers want to find.

For example, it doesn't help if you like needles, but there is nobody interested in this topic. On the other hand there are topics that interest everybody, like cars, home, insurance, for example.

If you want to find the top words more researched in the web portals, there is some help available. One example is the site They provide a list of top paying 100 keywords, that can be very helpful if you want to create your pages for the adsense program. Bellow I give just the first part of the list, with the word and it maximum bid (that is, the maximum you can be paid for that word):

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