Adsense tip of the day: length of posts

When creating Adsense websites, one of the questions that many web mastera have is how long should be the content of each page or post.

There are of course two extreme answers to the question .The first answer is to try to create posts that are long and full of information. This is an alternative that people with very good intentions try to follow. After all, adsense websites have the main objective of conveying information to viewers looking for specific products or services.

Notice, however, that creating pages that are too long you incur in the risk of boring your visitor. You don't want a newcomer visitor to leave prematurely because he or she finds the content too dull.

The other extreme of this problem is creating posts that have almost no content, and are too simplistic. You may think that this is the best way to maximize your results with adsense advertisement. However, this may be a big mistake. Visitors will, instead, think that your web site is nothing more than a trap to attract visitors.

To avoid these two extremes, be careful in the selection of the amount of information you convey in each of your adsense web pages. If you create units of information that are not too long neither too small, you have a better chance of attract people that are genuinely interested in your topic. You can always give more information to your visitor later, or in another web page of your site or blog.

In any way, adsense works best when your have a good proportion between the content you are present and the ads that are displayed in your page. If you try to balance well this proportion, you can achieve very good results in your adsense websites.

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