Making $1M with Adsense

Another example of what kind of income can be made using Adsense is given by the people of Blogsinc. This is a company that operates several blogs, and has been using Google adsense since last year.

The founder of Blogsinc, Jason Calacanis, reported how they are making $1M a year in Google Adsense. In fact, this was last July, when they were making around $2,700 per day, which is roughly the same as $1 million per year.

Of course, Blogsinc is a huge blog company, but this doesn't mean that other people cannot do the same. However, as in this case, you need to create content that is important for your audience, and allow the users to show their support for your web site. If you do this, there are great opportunities out there for adsense affiliates.

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