Adsense tip of the day: avoid clutter

Adsense web sites are created with the objective of informing and attracting customers that are interested in some specific kind of product. In order to do this, your Adsense website cannot look like a disorganized set of words and links.

One of the secrets of keeping the attention of customers is to focus on the kind of content they are looking for. For example, if you are creating a web site with information for parents, you cannot spend time with jokes, daily news, and other unrelated items. Parents visiting your site you just feel overwhelmed and will search the information on another place.

There are good ways of avoids this feeling of disorganization and lack of focus. I will give a list of things that may very well improve your Adsense site by avoiding clutter, and making it more attractive for users.

  1. First, keep your design simple. It is very tempting to use the latest html design and graphics, flash web pages, and other fancy design elements. Although this may work for specific publics, it is in general a bad direction if you want to use Adsense links in your page. You should strive to have a nice design that is clean and easy to see.
  2. Give prominence to the ads: Another decision that can simplify your site is to give a prominent space for your Adsense ads. Users will easily see the information and recognize if it is important or no for them. Remember, the advantage of Adsense is that ads are sensitive to the context, so you don't need to worry with the fact that users will feel the ads strange. Google guarantees that the ads make sense in your web page. So, the best thing is to give them the required space.
  3. Organize your content logically: its doesn't help your web page if the design is clean but the ideas are not. You should strive to be informative, and this means to write articles with good content and good logical organization. Web visitors are smart enough to stick with the web pages that are more informative -- you must attract these viewers with good content.
  4. Don't overdo: If you follow the steps above, remove the following extra step: don't overdo any of the tasks performed during your creative process. A good Adsense web page looks natural, and viewers like the idea of seeing a blog or web page that evolves. You must keep a balance between the fluidity of the online media and the necessary organization of ideas.

Using Adsense is a great way to force ourselves to keep a web page focused and lively. If you follow these ideas, as I try to do continuously, I believe that your experience, as well as the experience of your visitors will be must more enjoyable.

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