Tracking Google Adsense Clicks

Google Adsense has a nice interface that shows the daily and monthly profit per user. If you are smart enough to use channels, more information is available about what parts of your website were more profitable.

However, if you want to have fine control over what happens in your Adsense website, the easiest method is to use some javascript code to track your adsense clicks. This is the technique used by several commercial tools, which provides advanced reports about where the click is coming from, this tutorial from Icemelon. It explains step by step what are the necessary Javascript functions and where they must be located.

The tutorial also explains very clearly that there is apparently nothing illegal is this procedure, since the Google Adsense policies have no rule to prevent this method.

Using Javascript to track Adsense clicks you can achieve much better control of what are the best placements for your Adsense adds, which will definitely contribute to increased profits in your website.

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