Adsense: correctly targeting the content of your site

One of the problems frequently encountered by web masters trying to generate income from a web site is the lack of focus on a specific topic. Most people think that, by creating a super web site covering several topics they will have a good reward from adsense. This is not always the case.

To give examples of how users can approach your site, consider these possible scenarios:

An auto-related web site. Suppose you writing an web site about cars. Suppose also that you post information about buying a new car, fixing cars, repossessing cars, painting your new car, among others. If you do this, the type of people that visit your web site will always be different. For example, someone that wants to buy a car will find your web site. But as they want more information about what are best types of cars, and other things related to car shopping, they will not find the information they want and will leave your web site. It is not necessary to say that you want to keep users in your web site as much as possible, because this increases the chance they will find some interesting adsense link.

In this case, the best is to segment your web site into categories that are specific for some major topics. For example, you may have a category for buying cars, another for car maintenance, and still another reviewing sport cars.

A baby care web site. There are several ways you can approach baby care: finding names for babies, health issues, education and socialization, diets for babies. All these examples are related, but consider different needs of parents. You may want to specialize your web site such that only the information they want is displayed and other topics are provided using major category links.

Using this segmentation strategy is important because it gives the most value for your users, and at the same time concentrates the topics of your web pages in specific areas. In this way, it is easier for Google bots to figure out your main topic and provide targeted ads.

Writing adsense websites is a nice experience, but it requires web masters to manage well the content and the presentation of their pages. By doing this, your chances of getting good results with adsense will be much larger than what you got with your initial efforts. You will certainly see your audience and financial return to increase, as a result.

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