Google testing pay per action with Adsense

The payment model of AdSense has been very simple since its creation: one adds adsense code to a web page, and is paid by clicks on ads, or by number of views. This has benefited millions of users, including Google itself, as has been seen in the previous financial results of the company.

Now, it seems that Google is willing to enter a related segment of the online advertisement, introducing pay per action. In this model, instead of paying by click, Google pays based on a result, which can be a successful selling, a subscription for a service, etc. This model may be harder to track, but may also give even better results for advertisers and adsense publishers.

The reason is that with pay per action the publisher can participate not only on the initial lead, but of the results of the company. For the advertisers, on the other hand, this reduces the risk, since it will pay only for the result it wants, what can avoid problems such as click fraud.

By now, pay per action is only in beta test, with only a few publishers participating. But we should expect this to become another option available to all publishers and advertisers. I think it is a new good option for all involved parties. The only exception I see is the group of traditional advertisers such as clickbank and related companies...


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