Google answers most common Adsense questions

If you are new to the World of Adsense, or is just not that knowledgeable about the issues created by the advertisement world, you should just check the new edition of Google answers adsense questions....

In the blog post, a video shows Geoffrey Vitt answering the most common questions everybody wants to known about Google Adsense. Among those questions, are

1. Why aren't all of my ad units showing? I've pasted 3 ad units into my site, but only 1 appears.

2. The postal service in my town is unreliable. What other options do I have for receiving payments?

3. How do referrals work and why should I use them?
The video also has available a transcript for easy reference. This looks like a great source of information for new Adsense users, as well as older ones that want to learn something extra.


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