7 ways to make more money with adsense

Every AdSense publisher wants to improve the profits from the advertisement program. It sometimes seems a little hard until you crack the secret of getting more AdSense traffic.

Here follows a few ideas that I use to get the most of AdSense:

  1. Optimize your ad positioning: this is probably the most important thing when generating income from AdSense. You need to experiment with your pages to make sure that they are converting as much as possible into AdSense paying customers. The only way to make sure that people are clicking is to make changes to the location of ads until you find a sweet spot where profits are maximum. It takes a little experimentation, but it is an interesting process. And something that you learn in one page will help you in all others.
  2. Create more links to your content: one way to get visitors to your web site is having links to it from multiple web sites. Cultivate the habit of creating links from other places to your content. To get links, you can make a partnership with other publishers in your area. 
  3. Use SEO techniques: the best way of getting visitors to your page is having search engines to list your content as results of web searches. For your site to appear on the front of search engines you need to spend some time optimizing your content. This means, for example, that you need to define clearly the keywords and put them in strategic points in your pages. There are lots of resources available for search engine optimization these days. Just make sure to check them.
  4. Spread the word on blogs. Blogs are the perfect platform to publicize your web site. You can create a blog for any work you are doing, and the blog will regularly show what is new to your customer base. With a blog, you can create fresh content, and improve your ranking on search engines.
  5. Write more content: AdSense thrives on quantity. The more content you have, more results you will have. By adding fresh content to your websites, readers will be encouraged to return for more information. A stale web site, on the other hand, gives the impression of outdated information, even if it is perfectly fine otherwise.
  6. Get input from users: Users can be a great source of content for your web site. Use replies as a way of getting information from them. With their contributions, readers can help build your page.
  7. Encourage repeated visits: One of the best ways of making money is to have repeated sales. In the world of AdSense, repeated sales are represented by users who visit your site repeatedly. You can do this use some techniques, such as RSS for example. Creating an RSS for your web site, you can have users clicking back as soon as there is more content. You can also encourage them to bookmark your site, so that they will remember to come back later. 
  8. Bonus idea: use social media to advertise your site. Social media is now used by everyone! All your friends have Facebook accounts, so you should use it whenever you have new pages to advertise. You can also use bookmark sites such as delicious to create links that are shared by the community.
These are 7 + 1 great ways to improve your profits with the AdSense program. In the next few articles I will go into great lengths into each of these profit areas. Let me know if you have something else that I could add to this.


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